Coutinho’s absence not felt

Adam Lallana said that Liverpool is learning to play without Phillipe Coutinho and he believes that the good form of Firminho is helping the team.

Brazilian forward player Phillipe Coutinho is set to miss four games for Liverpool and will only be back for the game against Manchester City. Many pundits feared that Liverpool’s attacking game would be affected by the absence of the Brazilian player but so far Liverpool has managed to cope with his absence.

Adam Lallana said that any team in the world would miss a player such as Phillipe Coutinho, but he feels that Roberto Firminho is doing his best to help the team. He said that the latter is sacrificing himself and is playing out of position in order to help the team create chances. He believes that this is the main reason why Liverpool is not struggling at the moment and that they are still winning games.

Adam Lallana said that he is surrounded with talented footballers at Liverpool and that they have a good squad that can allow them to go all the way. He said that Jurgen Klopp is a manager that demands a lot from his players and at the moment he feels that the players are responding well.

Adam Lallana said that it was a disappointment to have lost Phillipe Coutinho through injury, but it is the job of the other players to step up and make sure that they continue to win games despite his absence.

He believes that Liverpool can become better and that they need to continue to work hard in training. He said that the manager would assess their performance against Middlesbrough and prepare the next game against Everton. He believes that this will be a tough Merseyside derby and that they should be ready for it.