Liverpool Has A Dedicated Keeper

Many feel that Loris Karius is an able goal keeper for Liverpool who would put the interests of the club ahead of the county as well.

This comment is justified as Louis Karius who is a goalkeeper for Liverpool from Germany U21 team, decided not to go for Olympics after he had a discussion with Jurgen Klopp. He decided that he would be the first choice for the team in the new season and opted out of his chance to play in the Olympics. Karius was guaranteed a starting place in the Olympics in Germany, but he decided that he would not go to Rio after having a discussion with his club manager.

The player who is 23 years of age, played the friendly match that Liverpool played last night and revealed that Klopp wanted him to be there for his club when they play the first matches of the Premier League.

He stated that he and the manager agreed that he would not miss out on the beginning games of the Premier League for the new season. He stated that he then agreed that he would not be going to Rio that would be starting next month. He also spoke with his manager with the German authorities who felt that Karius should be part of the Rio Germany team. He stated that his priority this time was the club and to be there for the club at the beginning of the season. Karius has come onto the team in May from Mainz. Simon Mignolet is the other goalkeeper for the club and he might be looking at competition from this younger player. He feels that the club would be offering more competitive games for him to hone his skills with this coming season.