Liverpool Is Clearly A Favorite In The Forthcoming Matches

As the semi final tie games come round, Liverpool is set to be up against Villarreal. Liverpool is considered to be favorites for many.

In the Europe League that will definitely work to their advantage. The Spanish side is felt to be losing steam and Liverpool will surely have a greater advantage. This is what most experts like Terry Gibson are speculating about. The opposing team has performed well this season. They are forth in the position as per La Liga fixtures. However, the three games of the league that they played previously resulted in defeat. These included the defeat to Real Madrid as well as to Rayo Vallecano. Sunday the team had a home game that ended with a draw against their opposing team Real Sociedad.

Liverpool looks to be in a strong position as now. The second leg that they played at Anfield has also been in their favor. Villarreal, who is set play against Liverpool, might be looking to attack the opposing team early in the game. Liverpool has formidable players like Fernando Torres, who has scored about five goals in a span of six games. This has definitely helped his side to maintain the title and keep up a formidable attitude that has helped them win several games this season. The player has been in top form that has been advantageous for Liverpool. Other players have also been working hard for Liverpool that includes Alvaro of Juventus, Morata and Aduriz.

With the upcoming final matches to look forward to, spring is definitely looking more exciting in the coming weekend for European football fans. With Liverpool being a clear favorite for many, they are looking to bet on that and the gain odds on their bets. With money rolling and players getting in form, it is defiantly an exciting week to look ahead to.